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Triple Stud

Triple Stud Triple Stud is definitely an exciting mixed game format created by PokerStars. It’s a mixture of three Seven Card Stud poker games: Stud High …

Triple Stud-Poker

Stud High

Razz (Seven card stud low)

Stud Hi/Lo (Eight or better)

Playing Triple Stud

Triple Stud is performed like a rotation of every of their component games. It starts with Stud High, then switches to Razz, and lastly to Stud Hi/Lo. Once the seven-card stud hi/lo round is finished, the overall game dates back to Stud High, and so forth. Eight hands are performed of every game, before the overall game changes to another component.

You are able to tell which game has been worked by searching at the very top border on the table window. It’s also displayed in the center of the overall game table.

Triple Stud games are available by visiting ‘Other Games’ > ‘Mixed Games’ > ‘Triple Stud’ within the PokerStars lobby.


Triple Stud is really a fun variation for Stud fanatics, maintaining your games fresh and exciting. Try it out now!

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